Fees & Passes

Bus Passes

Every Morning Only
Every Afternoon Only
10 - Trip Pass

10 – Trip passes can be purchased from the bus driver only. Cheque or exact change only. Please make cheques payable to Keyano Transportation – not PCS.

  1. In any given year, if there is a lot of demand for the bus service, priority will be given first to families with Every Day Round Trip passes, then to families with Every Morning and Afternoon passes.
  2. If at any time during the year, the bus gets too full, the Keyano Transportation Committee reserves the right to cancel 10-Trip passes. Full refunds for unused cards (or portions thereof) will be provided.
  3. Single – This is technically not a pass but, depending on availability, it is possible to hop on the bus for $3.00.

For more information email Keyano


No. of Riders Round Trip AM/PM Only
One Student
$77/mo $47/mo
$770/yr $470/yr
Two or More
$153/mo $94/mo
  $1530/yr $940/yr