Fees & Passes

Bus Passes

Every Morning Only
Every Afternoon Only
10 - Trip Pass

10 – Trip passes can be purchased from the bus driver only. Cheque or exact change only. Please make cheques payable to Keyano Transportation – not PCS.

  • If at any time during the year, the bus gets too full, the Keyano Transportation Committee reserves the right to cancel 10-Trip passes. Full refunds for unused cards (or portions thereof) will be provided.
  • Single – This is technically not a pass but, depending on availability, it is possible to hop on the bus for $3.00.

For more information email Keyano


No. of Riders Round Trip AM/PM Only
One Student
$77/mo $47/mo
$770/yr $470/yr
Two or More
$153/mo $94/mo
  $1530/yr $940/yr